Carpet Cleaning Colindale, Kingsbury

With the wide range of carpet cleaning options provided by our company you can put the freshness and softness back into your carpet.

Thorough maintenance and proper care is essential for the carpets especially in high traffic areas. Regular vacuuming does not ensure effective cleaning of the carpets, leaving most of the dirt and dust inside the rugs. The cleaning techniques used by our professionals will not only extract the dirt out of the carpet but even the harmful allergens and bacteria.

Children are very much vulnerable towards these bacteria and allergens which can cause serious diseases. The professional care and effectiveness of our equipments will make your house a better place to stay.

The cleaners are trained extensively on the latest industry standards so that they offer you with the expected outcome. The cleaning solutions and products that we use are environmentally tested and verified. It is our assurance that no harm or damage will come to any members of your family including your pets.

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Carpets that are few years old are treated differently by our cleaners as the fibers tend to be weak. For this kind of carpets we generally use the dry cleaning technique as high pressure steam might damage the fibers. While cleaning the carpets, our professionals pay attention to the marks and stains on the carpet.

Special anti-stains solutions like Scotchguard are used to get rid of the marks or stains and maintain the color and texture of the carpet.