About Us

Carpet Clean London provides professional carpet cleaning services in London and Greater London. Our carpet cleaners service hundreds of customers per month and use the latest cleaning equipments and detergents.

Our company has spent the last decade in the cleaning field and we have had time to master the art of cleaning to a superb level. We are the only company which can offer you a multifaceted cleaning experience covering every single aspect and area of the house cleaning. With our attention to detail we are able to satisfy even the most demanding customer and we accomplish this on a daily basis. Carpet Clean London is a company with a long history and we want to welcome you to our big happy family.

Carpet Clean London is here to stay and we have proven this on so many occasions. We have our happy customers to confirm our words and we are very proud to say we have been the most booked cleaning company for the last twelve months. This says a lot about the trust our customers have in us. They feel confident enough to trust us with their homes and we never disappoint.

We have a wide variety of cleaning services and we can satisfy every need you might have. Carpet Clean London is widely known for our carpet cleaning service, since it is one of the cheapest services provided in our city, but it packs a punch.

Of course, we also provide regular house cleaning and our cleaning teams consist of many of the best cleaning experts in the area. Every month they go through professional trainings which aim to give them the practical training and to further develop their cleaning and problem solving skills. They are fully prepared to meet your expectations and to provide you with the best cleaning experience you have ever had.